Thursday, January 31, 2008


This section is mainly for photos that were loaned to me by others and to which I might have made some improvements on each photo. After I return their improved photo to them I will delete the one(s) here since they are not mine to keep. There may be something in their photo that I have noticed and know that they did not see it also, and that is why I have to store it here in this section so that I can access it quickly and easily to send back to them after providing an arrow, circle or square as a reference point for them.
But as I discover good samples of Bobbles and their kids from the JP2 large files (beings on Mars with giant heads), I will permanently place my photos of the Bobbles in this section.
In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of my photos on these webpages.
These 2 photos are the same, but I have circled in red the object in question. It appears to be either a small dust storm or something that is mimicing a hill. The problem is that it is almost transparent in spite of the gray color. Almost like looking through a brown or gray glass bottle. A white strip passes right underneath it and out the other side.
Whatever it is, there are several "Bobbles" behind it, looking on curiously.



I decided to draw a blue circle around this ground material because within the circle, there appears to be a human-like male profile. It is possibly a bit of artwork left there by someone. (or something?) Using my magnifier, I notice that there seems to be disturbances of the soil around the "face". That might be from the Rover's tracks. The ground must be quite hard since I don't detect the usual deep horizontal tracks left by the Rover if, indeed, the Rover Spirit drove on this ground material.

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Jo said...

I think these are fascinating idea's about what you are interpreting the objects in question might be.I wish Nasa could come up with at least a good alternate explanation but offer little help for independent researchers questions.