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PSP_001559_1825_RED.JP2 "North Sinus Meridiani Landforms"

#1 Pixel: 1470,2645 Data: 352 Display: 66 Rotation: 6.3 degrees
Many faces and symbols in this whitish material. A lot of it appears to be art work, perhaps done by "Bobbles" (beings with giant heads and tiny bodies that I am still searching for on higher elevations so that they can be seen better in the photos). Some things about these faces on Martian ground; so many of these faces meld with or into other faces. Some of them stand out and almost appear 3-dimensional rather than flat. There are all kinds of facial features with all kinds of facial expressions. It's as though all living beings that ever lived and died in the Universe are represented here on Mars. Mars is a strange planet, so similar to our Earth, and yet so differently fascinating and wonderful. . .even scary. Scary because it is the "unknown country" and we already know that to go there without preparation is to die. But there is something else. . . .a certain beauty, yes. . .and yet, an odd feeling comes over you that there is something evil there, as though we humans should stay away.
The faces change. . . .1 minute you are staring at 1 object/face, then you look away for a second, and when your gaze returns to that object, it's gone. It's still there, but when you look at it again, it's part of another face, or many faces. "Where can it be?", you wonder. "Where is it?" is a natural reaction. But there are so many faces that to limit oneself to only 1 or 2 is to miss out on so much more. But, be wary. . . .the faces may be alive.

#2 Pixel: 1857,2994 Data: 357 Display: 67 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
Is that a hunchbacked "golem" on the right middle? There are Bobbles here. This little group appears to be on a plateau.

#3 Pixel: 5375,2279 Data: 207 Display: 14 Rotation: 6.7 degrees At about the exact middle of the photo there is what appears to be a male humanoids head and face. There also appears to be a lizard-like critter looking down at the head, as well as a mouse-like critter that has a gelatinous body. In back of and far below the humanoid head, there are Bobbles and possibly other beings.

#3A Pixel: 5375,2299 Data: 298 Display: 46 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This is a closeup of the male humanoid-looking object. It shows teeth and its lips are in a grimace. One can see that the gelatinous mouse is looking hungrily at the head.

#3B Same as 3A, but from a distance. The "head" of this creature is toward the upper right corner. Behind him/it, there are Bobbles down below. There appears to be some type of lizard-like critter in front of "him". It is hard to say whether or not this whitish rock has fallen on this humanoid-like head or it is someone trying to climb out of the area below. There are some sand-dune worms crawling on that rock. Come to think of it, that lizard-like object may not be a lizard, it might be a hand. Try to find the "bear's head". It is part of the rock and is at the middle top of the photo. Hint: its nose is that little black triangle.

#3C Pixel: 5792,3097 Data: 314 Display: 52 Rotation: 338.3 degrees I thought this photo is absolutely amazing. In the upper middle part there is a figure that resembles an Army officer, perhaps on a reconnaissance mission? However, right next to this figure, on its left there is also a demon-like figure. I do hope that they are just a trick of the light. There are also a lot of things to see in the rock in the foreground.

Here is #3C again, but slightly darker.

#4 Pixel: 13171,1497 Data: 320 Display: 54 Rotation: 73.7 degrees Some grotesque faces and symbols.

#4A Same as #4, but magnified.

#5 Pixel: 14558,1187 Data: 313 Display: 52 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Is that Scooby-doo, the cartoon dog, in the middle?

#5A Same as #5, but magnified. Looks a lot like Scooby-doo. . . .but for the symbols on "him".

#6 Pixel: 16426,854 Data: 273 Display: 37 Rotation: 6.7 degrees A snake's head (red circle) and body (red arrow).

#6A Pixel: Same as #6, but not magnified to the above coordinates. You can still see the snake's head and body.

#7 Pixel: 3800,3957 Data: 390 Display: 76 Rotation: -58.4 degrees Look at all the faces. Absolutely beautiful. Could this be another sample of Bobble artwork?

#8 Pixel: 5837,5116 Data: 379 Display: 196 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This certainly resembles a snake pit. . . .king sized.

#8A Pixel: 5927,5447 Data: 301 Display: 130 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Another view of the "snake pit" with surrounding areas from farther away.

#9 Pixel: 20964,6118 Data: 595 Display: 255 Rotation: 6.7 dgrees This didn't come out very well, but it appears to be a statue of a female humanoid holding a little humanoid baby girl. They both would have light-colored hair (if it was real hair). You can see the little girl's legs also. Below the little "girl" there is a profile of a male humanoid, wearing a helmet. This formation is surrounded by grotesque faces in the darker areas.

#10 Pixel: 8366,7731 Data: 303 Display: 109 Rotation: 6.7 degrees More faces and artwork. There are also some Bobbles. The intricate details of each figure looks as though it is really made of mosaic tiles.

#10A Same as #10 but with 2 Bobbles circled in red.

#11 Pixel: 9944,2720 Data: 165 Display: 136 Rotation: 6.7 degrees To me, this is scary. It looks like a scene out of Dante's Inferno. It looks almost like bodies writhing in agony below, middle. This is a pit or deep ravine and it looks like nothing can escape out of it. Things are being consumed in this evil place.

#12 Pixel: 16610,2208 Data: 248 Display: 80 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Mars certainly has some terrible looking areas.

#13 Pixel: 18172,2417 Data: 249 Display: 80 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Another evil looking place on Mars.

#14 Pixel: 4498,4503 Data: 283 Display: 85 Rotation: -84.7 degrees More faces and art, but this area appears older and more worn out than others.

#15 Pixel: 6170,4833 Data: 321 Display: 108 Rotation: 6.7 degrees And yet more art.

#15A Pixel: 5736,4716 Data: 264 Display: 81 Rotation: 5.7 degrees Some Bobbles near the center of this photo.
#16 Pixel: 19846,8262 Data: 259 Display: 254 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
27 February 2008. . .So many of the photos from this JP2 PSP are fuzzy and not as clear as I would like them to be. But the faces in them are distinctive, so it would be terrible to not show them. Many of the faces are nightmarish and may tend to make one think that Mars is an evil place, full of evil creatures. Hellish, even. But I often wonder if it's because our sense of beauty and how we perceive it is due to what we know and what we are used to seeing on our own planet. What we find to be disgusting and/or scary just might be the norm elsewhere in the Universe.
Faces that we may consider as ugly in these photos may be beautiful to those who live on Mars. The one thing that I find to be the most disturbing is the incredible horror and agony in many of the faces on Mars. But again, what I perceive as horror and agony on Mars just might be peace and contentedness to the giant-headed beings (Bobbles) and possibly others who live on that planet.

#16A Pixel: 20216, 8121 Data: 404 Display: 100 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#16B Pixel: 19587,8236 Data: 357 Display: 88 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#16C Pixel: 19820,7932 Data: 306 Display: 76 Rotation: 6.7 degr.

#16D Pixel: 19804,7784 Data: 362 Display: 90 Rotation: 6.7 degr.

#16E Pixel: 19510,7765 Data: 338 Display: 84 Rotation: 6.7 degr.
#17 Pixel: 17197,8385 Data: 184 Display: 4 Rotation: 6.7 degr. This resembles a freshly dug gravesite, or maybe a sinkhole.

#17A Same as #17
#18 Pixel: 5529,18657 Data: 495 Display: 123 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#19 Pixel: 7519,18958 Data: 515 Display: 128 Rotation: 6.7
#20 Pixel: 23191,3457 Data: 358 Display: 89 Rotation: 6.7 Live "Bobbles"

#20A Same as #20, but with red dots to indicate location of Bobbles.

#20B Same scene, but from a higher elevation to show surrounding area.

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