Thursday, January 31, 2008


This section is mainly for photos that were loaned to me by others and to which I might have made some improvements on each photo. After I return their improved photo to them I will delete the one(s) here since they are not mine to keep. There may be something in their photo that I have noticed and know that they did not see it also, and that is why I have to store it here in this section so that I can access it quickly and easily to send back to them after providing an arrow, circle or square as a reference point for them.
But as I discover good samples of Bobbles and their kids from the JP2 large files (beings on Mars with giant heads), I will permanently place my photos of the Bobbles in this section.
In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of my photos on these webpages.
These 2 photos are the same, but I have circled in red the object in question. It appears to be either a small dust storm or something that is mimicing a hill. The problem is that it is almost transparent in spite of the gray color. Almost like looking through a brown or gray glass bottle. A white strip passes right underneath it and out the other side.
Whatever it is, there are several "Bobbles" behind it, looking on curiously.



I decided to draw a blue circle around this ground material because within the circle, there appears to be a human-like male profile. It is possibly a bit of artwork left there by someone. (or something?) Using my magnifier, I notice that there seems to be disturbances of the soil around the "face". That might be from the Rover's tracks. The ground must be quite hard since I don't detect the usual deep horizontal tracks left by the Rover if, indeed, the Rover Spirit drove on this ground material.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

PSP_001559_1825_RED.JP2 "North Sinus Meridiani Landforms"

#1 Pixel: 1470,2645 Data: 352 Display: 66 Rotation: 6.3 degrees
Many faces and symbols in this whitish material. A lot of it appears to be art work, perhaps done by "Bobbles" (beings with giant heads and tiny bodies that I am still searching for on higher elevations so that they can be seen better in the photos). Some things about these faces on Martian ground; so many of these faces meld with or into other faces. Some of them stand out and almost appear 3-dimensional rather than flat. There are all kinds of facial features with all kinds of facial expressions. It's as though all living beings that ever lived and died in the Universe are represented here on Mars. Mars is a strange planet, so similar to our Earth, and yet so differently fascinating and wonderful. . .even scary. Scary because it is the "unknown country" and we already know that to go there without preparation is to die. But there is something else. . . .a certain beauty, yes. . .and yet, an odd feeling comes over you that there is something evil there, as though we humans should stay away.
The faces change. . . .1 minute you are staring at 1 object/face, then you look away for a second, and when your gaze returns to that object, it's gone. It's still there, but when you look at it again, it's part of another face, or many faces. "Where can it be?", you wonder. "Where is it?" is a natural reaction. But there are so many faces that to limit oneself to only 1 or 2 is to miss out on so much more. But, be wary. . . .the faces may be alive.

#2 Pixel: 1857,2994 Data: 357 Display: 67 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
Is that a hunchbacked "golem" on the right middle? There are Bobbles here. This little group appears to be on a plateau.

#3 Pixel: 5375,2279 Data: 207 Display: 14 Rotation: 6.7 degrees At about the exact middle of the photo there is what appears to be a male humanoids head and face. There also appears to be a lizard-like critter looking down at the head, as well as a mouse-like critter that has a gelatinous body. In back of and far below the humanoid head, there are Bobbles and possibly other beings.

#3A Pixel: 5375,2299 Data: 298 Display: 46 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This is a closeup of the male humanoid-looking object. It shows teeth and its lips are in a grimace. One can see that the gelatinous mouse is looking hungrily at the head.

#3B Same as 3A, but from a distance. The "head" of this creature is toward the upper right corner. Behind him/it, there are Bobbles down below. There appears to be some type of lizard-like critter in front of "him". It is hard to say whether or not this whitish rock has fallen on this humanoid-like head or it is someone trying to climb out of the area below. There are some sand-dune worms crawling on that rock. Come to think of it, that lizard-like object may not be a lizard, it might be a hand. Try to find the "bear's head". It is part of the rock and is at the middle top of the photo. Hint: its nose is that little black triangle.

#3C Pixel: 5792,3097 Data: 314 Display: 52 Rotation: 338.3 degrees I thought this photo is absolutely amazing. In the upper middle part there is a figure that resembles an Army officer, perhaps on a reconnaissance mission? However, right next to this figure, on its left there is also a demon-like figure. I do hope that they are just a trick of the light. There are also a lot of things to see in the rock in the foreground.

Here is #3C again, but slightly darker.

#4 Pixel: 13171,1497 Data: 320 Display: 54 Rotation: 73.7 degrees Some grotesque faces and symbols.

#4A Same as #4, but magnified.

#5 Pixel: 14558,1187 Data: 313 Display: 52 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Is that Scooby-doo, the cartoon dog, in the middle?

#5A Same as #5, but magnified. Looks a lot like Scooby-doo. . . .but for the symbols on "him".

#6 Pixel: 16426,854 Data: 273 Display: 37 Rotation: 6.7 degrees A snake's head (red circle) and body (red arrow).

#6A Pixel: Same as #6, but not magnified to the above coordinates. You can still see the snake's head and body.

#7 Pixel: 3800,3957 Data: 390 Display: 76 Rotation: -58.4 degrees Look at all the faces. Absolutely beautiful. Could this be another sample of Bobble artwork?

#8 Pixel: 5837,5116 Data: 379 Display: 196 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This certainly resembles a snake pit. . . .king sized.

#8A Pixel: 5927,5447 Data: 301 Display: 130 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Another view of the "snake pit" with surrounding areas from farther away.

#9 Pixel: 20964,6118 Data: 595 Display: 255 Rotation: 6.7 dgrees This didn't come out very well, but it appears to be a statue of a female humanoid holding a little humanoid baby girl. They both would have light-colored hair (if it was real hair). You can see the little girl's legs also. Below the little "girl" there is a profile of a male humanoid, wearing a helmet. This formation is surrounded by grotesque faces in the darker areas.

#10 Pixel: 8366,7731 Data: 303 Display: 109 Rotation: 6.7 degrees More faces and artwork. There are also some Bobbles. The intricate details of each figure looks as though it is really made of mosaic tiles.

#10A Same as #10 but with 2 Bobbles circled in red.

#11 Pixel: 9944,2720 Data: 165 Display: 136 Rotation: 6.7 degrees To me, this is scary. It looks like a scene out of Dante's Inferno. It looks almost like bodies writhing in agony below, middle. This is a pit or deep ravine and it looks like nothing can escape out of it. Things are being consumed in this evil place.

#12 Pixel: 16610,2208 Data: 248 Display: 80 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Mars certainly has some terrible looking areas.

#13 Pixel: 18172,2417 Data: 249 Display: 80 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Another evil looking place on Mars.

#14 Pixel: 4498,4503 Data: 283 Display: 85 Rotation: -84.7 degrees More faces and art, but this area appears older and more worn out than others.

#15 Pixel: 6170,4833 Data: 321 Display: 108 Rotation: 6.7 degrees And yet more art.

#15A Pixel: 5736,4716 Data: 264 Display: 81 Rotation: 5.7 degrees Some Bobbles near the center of this photo.
#16 Pixel: 19846,8262 Data: 259 Display: 254 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
27 February 2008. . .So many of the photos from this JP2 PSP are fuzzy and not as clear as I would like them to be. But the faces in them are distinctive, so it would be terrible to not show them. Many of the faces are nightmarish and may tend to make one think that Mars is an evil place, full of evil creatures. Hellish, even. But I often wonder if it's because our sense of beauty and how we perceive it is due to what we know and what we are used to seeing on our own planet. What we find to be disgusting and/or scary just might be the norm elsewhere in the Universe.
Faces that we may consider as ugly in these photos may be beautiful to those who live on Mars. The one thing that I find to be the most disturbing is the incredible horror and agony in many of the faces on Mars. But again, what I perceive as horror and agony on Mars just might be peace and contentedness to the giant-headed beings (Bobbles) and possibly others who live on that planet.

#16A Pixel: 20216, 8121 Data: 404 Display: 100 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#16B Pixel: 19587,8236 Data: 357 Display: 88 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#16C Pixel: 19820,7932 Data: 306 Display: 76 Rotation: 6.7 degr.

#16D Pixel: 19804,7784 Data: 362 Display: 90 Rotation: 6.7 degr.

#16E Pixel: 19510,7765 Data: 338 Display: 84 Rotation: 6.7 degr.
#17 Pixel: 17197,8385 Data: 184 Display: 4 Rotation: 6.7 degr. This resembles a freshly dug gravesite, or maybe a sinkhole.

#17A Same as #17
#18 Pixel: 5529,18657 Data: 495 Display: 123 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#19 Pixel: 7519,18958 Data: 515 Display: 128 Rotation: 6.7
#20 Pixel: 23191,3457 Data: 358 Display: 89 Rotation: 6.7 Live "Bobbles"

#20A Same as #20, but with red dots to indicate location of Bobbles.

#20B Same scene, but from a higher elevation to show surrounding area.

Monday, January 7, 2008

PSP_001468_1535_RED.JP2 "Best Fan Surfaces in West Holden Crater"

12/22/2008 I downloaded this photo from:

The webpage this photo came from explains all the particulars about it. However, I have noticed that this photo has apparently been altered. . .stretched out horizontally and is not as it should be. I was appalled at how NASA managed to skew the scene so badly. They had stretched it sideways instead of publishing a normal photo of this whole area, where even a series of shots would have been good. It is a gross injustice, in my opinion, to take photos paid for by the American taxpayer and publish it on a government website, also paid for by the American taxpayer, and we can't even get a true and normal image of this area of Mars at this angle and distance in this photo. Then they publish the photo on their website (that belongs to the American taxpayer) and type things about it as though it were an accurate and perfect record of the hills in this area. How many other Mars photos have they done this kind of thing to or similar?


Perhaps these "scientists" have seen the Bobbles (beings with giant heads) in the photo and didn't want the American public to notice them. But they are there, in the photo, no matter how hard NASA tries to hide them.

#1 Pixel: 22598,28989 Data: 307 Display: 130 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This area of the JP2 PSP is at about the middle of the right edge of the large file. These photos partly show what MAY be the aftermath of some cataclysmic event where natural landforms were cleaved, causing a Martian city in this area to be mostly destroyed. A geologist might be able to explain it better than I can. There is a crystal tower in this photo and in many of the following photos. I am not certain whether this crystal tower is standing upright or has fallen down. It appears to be made of a glassy material which allows light to go through and objects to be seen through the walls, and is, in my opinion, one of the irrefutable proofs of civilized life on Mars.
In subsequent photos in this series I have detected curious Bobbles (living beings with giant heads and small bodies) and their young. And, of course, the ubiquitous "sand dune worms" who crawl out of the sand to go where one would least expect a sand worm to be. There also may be a giant snake or 2 in some of these photos. I've had to rotate many of the photos to set off the features as best as possible. I have searched for a civilization other than Bobbles. The evidence is there in many of my photos that they exist or did exist at one time in the past. The original JP2 PSP was much too light, so I had to use the Contrast, Lighting and edge Sharpening features of my editing software to some degree.

#1A01 Pixel: 22612,28987 Data: 466 Display: 197 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Directly to the right and behind the crystal tower there appears to be a tall palisade made of layered material. It might have walkways carved into it. There are many Bobbles in the "earthen" area and also near the cliff's edge.

This is for the one person who claims that she cannot see the crystal tower. I hope you will now be able to see it as it is well outlined in red. :)

#1A02 Pixel: same as 1A01 but closer
There must have been many tall buildings similar to the crystal tower in this whole area which is now mostly rubble.

#1A03 Pixel: 22478,29034 Data: 279 Display: 118 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#1A03A I rotated the #1A03 to get this angle of the crystal tower. This particular photo has not been sharpened, or edited in any way from the original except to slightly darken it. It actually looks like it has fallen over from its original upright position. That must be why there appears to be a "sand dune worm" attached to near the top of the tower.
The glassy material that it is composed of must be remarkably strong that prevented the structure from breaking into pieces.

#1A04 Pixel: 22726,28926 Data: 390 Display: 165 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Just about the middle of the top of this photo, at the cliff's edge there is a face that greatly resembles a swarthy Middle Eastern-looking human with a bit of a hook nose. I will try to improve it close up, if I can. It also might not be a face at all but something totally different.

#1A05 Pixel: 22743,28891 Data: 295 Display: 124 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
At the far right of this photo there is something that resembles a statue of an ancient Persian Caliph. It has eyes, even eyebrows, and a headdress or helmet at the top. It could also be part of a building, or a broken idol. Father Christmas? That might be stretching it a bit too far.
Judging by the "Crystal Tower", this may once have been a beautiful place.

#1A06 Pixel: 22938,28758 Data: 218 Display: 92 Rotation: 25.4 degrees

#1A07 Pixel: 22977,28830 Data: 442 Display: 187 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#1A08 Pixel: 23117,28841 Data: 113 Display: 47 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
The statue or building almost seems to be looking down at this object on the bottom right. Could that be a misplaced idol?

#1A09 Pixel: 22979,28568 Data: 212 Display: 89 Rotation: -80.4 degrees
I rotated this photo a bit and found this face. Also the metallic looking object to the left of it. To the far left, right at the edge is a humanoid-looking face. I will look at this area again to see what it is.

#1A10 Pixel: 22789,28313 Data: 143 Display: 60 Rotation: -83.3 degrees
This photo gives an idea, somewhat, of why this area (city?) lays in ruins. Note the curved downward feature of the layered strip towards the right.

#1A12 Pixel:21203,29268 Data: 202 Display: 85 Rotation: -83.4 This photo shows the 2 sections of the layered strips, where it begins and where it ends. The city, if it was a city, may have been built on a fault line. The layered strip on the left meanders out of the photo toward the Northeast, most likely.

#1A13 Pixel: 22849,29377 Data: 106 Display: 44 Rotation: 137.9 degrees
I thought this was a spectacular shot after I turned the photo around to face the layered strip on the right side. (Actually Southerly). I believe it is in a possible subduction zone and it is carrying objects along with it as it curves and presses downward and under the surface on its way to the mantle. On Earth, I think the majority if not all of subduction zones are under the ocean. It is possible that all the objects in this area are headed for that subduction zone and will eventually wind up headed downwards.

#1A14 Pixel: 23149,27341 Data: 309 Display: 89 Rotation: 44.1 degrees
I was very curious about this cave-like structure and the 2 horizontal bars below it. This place is now home to Bobbles and giant sand dune worms.

#1A15 Pixel: 22886,28091 Data: 283 Display: 89 Rotation: -3.1 degrees
The tall structure towards the bottom of this photo may be another crystal tower, but may have sustained more damage than the one in preceding photos in ths series. It appears to have been built on or near the slope of a hill. As with the other crystal tower I am uncertain if this one is laying on the ground or propped up somehow. Directly to the left of the tower there appears to be an elongated white vertical line that somewhat resembles a flagpole. I suppose it could also be an elevator shaft or something entirely different.
If the viewer chooses to use a hand-held magnifier and looks to the left of the photo in the area of the slightly curved object that resembles a race track, you should be able to see several Bobbles ("people" with giant heads) on the track. Of course, it's not really a race track. . . but they are standing or sitting on it. They have very strange looking faces and tiny bodies that can barely be seen. Click on the photos to see a larger version.

#1A16 Pixel: 16059,30133 Data: 192 Display: 56 Rotation: -104.9 degrees I had to rotate this photo as well as the next one from 6.7 degrees which I normally keep in this PSP series to minus 104.9. Mars is a planet of strange heads and faces that seem to have grown out of nothing. . . .or at least, out of the bare rocks, sand, cliffs, etc. This photo shows a FELINE-FACE which the arrow points to. However, it is partially covered on the left side by a layer of the layered strip found in other photos in this series, and on its right side a "sand dune worm" has crawled onto it; the worm's legs or feet covering the cat-face slightly. One of the odd things is that when one is viewing a face, then looks away for perhaps a second, the face looks different when looking at it again or it has melded with another face. Not so much with this cat-face, however. Probably because it is up close.

#1A17 Pixel: 15850,30267 Data: 247 Display: 80 Rotation: -104.9 degrees I was continuing across the JP2 large file photo when I thought I saw another face. So I went in a bit closer and noticed what appears to be a statue of possibly a crystal-like material below a humanoid face. It has a rather large nose and a downturned mouth. The eyes are closed. There are sand-dune worms all around.
If you look directly to the right of the red arrow, you may see 2 other faces. The first one appears feminine and the second appears to be wearing a helmet. The second face slightly resembles the old "Kilroy Was Here" graffiti drawings that were spread across Europe by American G.I.s during World War 2.

#1A Pixel: 22825,28299 Data: 310 Display: 131 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
A scene from high above.

#1B Pixel: 22757,27677 Data: 400 Display: 169 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#1C Pixel: 23009,27183 Data: 283 Display: 119 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
This is at the top of the whole area where the layered strip comes in from about the Northeast.

#1D Pixel: 22667,29500 Data: 124 Display: 52 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
Another shot of the possible subduction zone from a different angle and upside down.


Several types of Mars ground material.

A herd of "sand dune worms" attempting to climb or crawl up to the higher ground.

I think this is quite pretty. . .like geological flora.
There are some Bobbles and their young in this photo. One needs a good magnifier to see them. This may be a Bobble village.

This is the same photo as copy #9F below. Talk about "still life"!! LOL

A rocky oasis that also resembles a train wreck.

This could have been a part of a ranch in Colorado if it wasn't on Mars. What a spread!!

I call this one "Isolation"

A Martian rock garden!!

I call this one "Oh No!! Here they come again!!" because it looks like a herd of "sand dune worms" are coming to attack the rock garden.

This one is amusingly spooky. It looks like a group towards the middle of the photo is staring at the strange critter on the far right that resembles a gravestone with a large eye and an outstretched arm with a pointing finger. There's also the rocky guy at the bottom middle that resembles a man wearing a trenchcoat.

I think this is cute!! It resembles quite a bit a kitten staring eye-to-eye with a strange little dog.