Monday, March 3, 2008

PSP_005386_1745_RED.JP2 "Bedding Unconformity in Crater Wall in Candor Chasma"

#1 This photo, which was taken from the left side of the original JP2 PSP large file photo that I downloaded from the Hirise website, clearly illustrates the extent of the masking that is done to photos of Mars that have some kind of feature such as a city, village or live beings. . .anything that may provide proof that the planet Mars does have living creatures in many areas of its surface and subsurface. This type of masking and also smudging are apparently used throughout this JP2 PSP and many others, as well, to hide that proof.

#2 Pixel: 16063,1726 Data: 457 Display: 102 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
There are many faces on this crater wall. I am uncertain if any of them are living.


#3 Pixel: 20545,1129 Data: 518 Display: 149 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This appears to have been or is a city or town. There are "Bobbles" (beings with giant heads) in the photo. A magnifying glass will help to see them better. The masking vertical lines are evident and it is also a bit fuzzy. I did my best to try to sharpen and smooth the details as much as possible.

#3A This photo is directly to the right of the scene in #3, close to the right edge of the JP2 PSP. Many features of the rock appear to have been sculpted in this photo and also in #3.

#4 Pixel: 3075,4305 Data: 247 Display: 0 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This shows another method of masking. . .possible airbrushing for a mottled or fuzzy effect. Still, it's an interesting scene.

#5 Pixel: 1077,4607 Data: 401 Display: 168 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This too, is a bit fuzzy. But even so, the sand dune worms stand out beautifully. Notice the sharp ridge of their backs? They are definitely NOT sand dunes!!

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