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Mars Rovers "SPIRIT" & OPPORTUNITY Photos

SPIRIT AND OPPORTUNITY - Spirit landed at Gusev Crater on January 3, 2004 PST. Opportunity landed at Meridiani Planum on January 24, 2003 PST

NASA's twin robot geologists, the Mars Exploration Rovers, launched toward Mars on June 10 and July 7, 2003, in search of answers about the history of water on Mars. They landed on Mars January 3 and January 24 PST, 2004 (January 4 and January 25 UTC, 2004).
After the airbag-protected landing craft settled onto the surface and opened, the rovers rolled out to take panoramic images.
I acquired some of the following Mars Rover photos beginning in the early part of 2007 and have continued searching the newer ones as time constraints allow me. My preference is, of course, the PSP large file photos in JPEG2000 format from the HiRise camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), but I will post any good or great anomalies from all sources if and when they come to my attention.

At the bottom of this section there is a link to the Rover "Spirit" webpage where you can click on the "All Raw Images" links for Spirit and/or Opportunity photos. I am posting the ones that interest me the most and I hope that you will find them interesting also.

NOTE: Rover photo designations beginning with 1P were photographed by the Mars Rover "OPPORTUNITY".

Rover photo designations beginning with 2P were photographed by the Mars Rover "SPIRIT".

CREDITS GO TO: Rover "Spirit" - Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell

Rover "Opportunity" - Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/Cornell/Ohio State University

#1P259139006ESF8900P2568R1M1.jpg This photo from Opportunity is from Sol 1475, from website:
It is similar to the Rover Spirit's photo #2P129469773EFF0327P2578L6M1.JPG from Sol 035 (whose website page is because of the circular porthole-like structure in both photos that is embedded in rock.
NOTE: The above photo taken by "Opportunity" on Sol 1475 was shown Sunday, 6 April 2008 on the TV program "SIXTY MINUTES" during the segment about Mars and the United States space program. The pearl-like round objects in the photo was the focal point regarding the possibility that these objects were created by a chemical reaction with liquid H20 on Mars. No mention was made about the porthole-like object in the photo.
The Spirit is on the other side of Mars, far away from Opportunity, and yet these 2 photos are very similar. At the time, Spirit was at Gusev Crater.
2P129469773EFF0327P2578L6M1.JPG (from SPIRIT) is the LEFT side of the "rock" that was photographed by the Panorama camera aboard Spirit. The RIGHT side of this "rock" is also very interesting and, in my opinion, the "rock" may be the home of very small beings. There are several filtered versions of this same rock with the porthole in the Spirit's Sol 035. In some of the photos of the right side of the rock, a glassy or crystalline material can be seen. In other filtered photos of that side, the glassy material has been either removed (broken off) or the filter(s) that were utilized have hidden the glassy material that was like a "bubble" over the rock. There are 6 pairs of photos of this rock taken by Spirit and are on Sol 035. There are several other photos of the same rock in Sol 036 but not as nice.

2P129554932EDN0329P2281L2M1.JPG is from Spirit's Sol 036 from website page: It shows the rock situated at the top of the photo and small pieces of material (probably from the rock) litters the foreground. It is the same rock as in Sol 035 but the creature in the porthole looks different due to the distance from the camera.
In the Rover Spirit's Sol 030 series, 38 out of 79 images show the Spirit's instrument tool arm extended in front and right up against the same rock in the images in Sol 035 and Sol 036 and the side of the rock in Sol 026. It is very evident that in each image of Sol 030 different filters are utilized to mask the crystalline appearing side of the rock, as well as the porthole at the front of it so as to eliminate any suggestion that there was a porthole or a crystalline-like bubble that covered a good portion of the rock.
In the first photo of Sol 030, 2P129025940EFF0327P2382L2M1.JPG, one can see that the crystalline-like material that is partially covering the rock is different than the ground material. One can also see that something has broken the glassy bubble that covered the rock as the hard rocky material is now showing, although the glassy bubble is cracked in many places, but still on. It is also evident that there are 'creatures' inside the rock, just below the crystalline material. The rock itself appears to be smaller than the Rover Spirit but not so small that the Rover could accidentally run over it.
One has to wonder what could possibly have motivated the NASA scientists to destroy the glassy covering on this rock, and thereby probably killing the creatures that lived inside. Perhaps they should have created a set of laws or Prime Directives to adhere to in the eventuality of coming across possible living Beings on Mars, no matter what type of residence the Beings are in OR THE SIZE OF THE BEINGS, in order to preserve life on another world, rather than allowing the Rover to move about like a bull in a china shop.
In this Mars Rover "Spirit's" photo of this "rock" you can see that the Spirit's tool and instrument arm is most likely working at breaking off and removing the glassy bubble covering that can still be seen partially covering the rock. This covering looks similar to cellophane wrap that is used to protect and preserve food and other things on Earth, except that the covering on this rock must be quite hard. It is easy to determine that the crystalline material of the "rock" is quite different than the ground material. There are outlines of 2 Beings within the rock who apparently have died or may have been killed by the Spirit's instruments.

2P129026033EFF0327P2382L5M1.JPG from website page: shows one good example of how NASA and associates are able to almost or completely obliterate all evidence of life on Mars through the use of camera filters. There are also other methods to hide that which they don't want seen. What is occurring in this photo is obviously one of the practice runs since it occurred not very long after Spirit landed on Mars.

2P129026095EFF0327P2382L7M1.JPG from website page: above 3 photos from Spirit's Sol 030 shows how NASA has quite effectively used filters to completely mask this rock so as to make it look as though there never was any glassy covering or crystalline material through which Beings could look through. At this point, NASA scientists probably know which combination of filters or which single filter can best hide the true objects and living Beings on Mars photographs. Now, in this photo, the residence or resting place for the Beings looks just like almost any rock on Earth. Good work, NASA and JPL!! Congratulations on covering up one of the Truths about Mars.
There are other photos in between these three in Spirit's Sol 030, but I think these say it all.

The first photo I discussed at the beginning of this section is 2P129469773EFF0327P2578L6M1.JPG from Spirit's Sol 035. It was photographed after the Rover Spirit's tool and instrument arm had done its work on the glassy covering on the rock. It also appears that at least one of the tools on the Spirit's arm has cut open the little pie-shaped creature that is within the porthole-like round object on the rock. The creature has a face with 2 eyes, a possible nose and a mouth. It is apparently dead. It is hard to say whether or not the cutting open of the creature can be counted as murder of an alien since it is the Mars Rover that is the alien and not the creature who is on its home planet. It is most likely a case of accidental death since how could the Rover know that it was cutting into a living Being who was on its own planet. The Rover has to be held blameless.
But, at the same time, the scientists who guided the Rover's actions had to have seen the Being and should have stopped the killing at once before the Being could be hurt. Unfortunately, the creature appears to have died in the porthole. I consider it a very bad start for Mars exploration and a terrible shame and waste of a life.

A closeup of the pie-shaped creature in the "porthole" in the rock. The creature's 2 eyes, nose and downturned mouth is on the upper half of the pie-shape. If you look directly to the left of the creature (it's right side) you may be able to see what appears to be a partially hidden humanoid face. showing 1 eye, nose and a mouth. A magnifying glass is needed.
From what I see in many of these rocks, it is my own opinion that diminutive life has been created/evolved on Mars and is living within hollowed-out rocks and other forms of protective residences. I also tend to believe that there is not just one type or size of lifeform, but many of different sizes and types on Mars that may be intelligent. `To what degree of intelligence? Someday, we will have the answer to that question.

2P129469731EFF0327P2578R5M1.JPG from website page:
This is also from Spirit's Sol 035. It shows both sides of the "rock" with the porthole-like object that contains the remains of the pie-shaped creature. On the right side of the photo there appears to be 2 Beings who are somewhat humanoid in appearance, although quite small since they can fit into this rock. The rock is dwarfed by the Spirit Rover and it (the rock) may have been bounced upon by the rover when it landed on Mars, bouncing many times inside its protective balloon before it rolled to a stop.
This is merely conjecture on my part, but it is a possibility since the occupants of this "rock" appear to have died, either by the glassy covering being broken, which let their atmosphere dissipate, or the Spirit's balloon bounced upon it, causing trauma and death.

2P128675394EDN0327P2555R4M1.JPG is from Spirit's Sol 026 from website page This could be the same rock as in Sol 035 and is from a side view showing the crystalline material but without the "bubble". Faces/heads showing. But it could also be an entirely different "rock" that just happens to look similar to the other one in Sol 035.


2P128675485EDN0327P2555R7M1.JPG is also from Sol 026 from website page: Same rock as the previous photo, shows the side view and there are faces/heads showing through the crystalline wall of the rock. This rock is dwarfed by the Rover "Spirit".



Opportunity :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1472
1P258855331EFF8900P2567L2M1.JPG from website page: This shows the round pea-like objects lying on the ground. Scientists haven't yet discovered the objects' origin or purpose, but I think that they may be insect egg casings or waste matter produced by insects or a higher lifeform. They could also have been formed from a chemical reaction taking place.

Opportunity :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 028
1P130664189EFF0454P2574L7M1cropped.jpg was cropped from 1P130664189EFF0454P2574L7M1.jpg which is from website page:
I noticed many of those round pea-like objects in this area that Opportunity photographed. There are also faces/heads near the top of this photo, perhaps carved.


Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1499
2P259436181EFFAY00P2281L7M1.JPG from website page:
There is a larger rock in the foreground of this photo that appears to be porous. There also appears to be a face/head in the rock. See the next 2 photos for an up close version of the face/head in the rock.

2P259436181EFFAY00P2281L7M1A.JPG is a cropped version and is from the above 2P259436181EFFAY00P2281L7M1.JPG
I cropped the original photo for this closeup. See the next photo with the face/head in the rock in a reddish-brown frame.

2P259436181EFFAY00P2281L7M1B.JPG This photo has the Mars creature's face/head partly encased in the rock. I have framed the face/head in reddish-brown but you may want to compare it to the previous photo. I was drawn to this face mostly because it did not appear to have any other faces incorporated within the main face as there are in so many other faces/heads in the rocks on Mars. In my opinion, this is either a sculpture or an actual humanoid face/head because it is too perfect to be otherwise. One can only surmise at the size of the original rock that this 1 was a part of, and how deep into the original this face/head was embedded. The rock itself may not have come from this area.

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PSP_005386_1745_RED.JP2 "Bedding Unconformity in Crater Wall in Candor Chasma"

#1 This photo, which was taken from the left side of the original JP2 PSP large file photo that I downloaded from the Hirise website, clearly illustrates the extent of the masking that is done to photos of Mars that have some kind of feature such as a city, village or live beings. . .anything that may provide proof that the planet Mars does have living creatures in many areas of its surface and subsurface. This type of masking and also smudging are apparently used throughout this JP2 PSP and many others, as well, to hide that proof.

#2 Pixel: 16063,1726 Data: 457 Display: 102 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
There are many faces on this crater wall. I am uncertain if any of them are living.


#3 Pixel: 20545,1129 Data: 518 Display: 149 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This appears to have been or is a city or town. There are "Bobbles" (beings with giant heads) in the photo. A magnifying glass will help to see them better. The masking vertical lines are evident and it is also a bit fuzzy. I did my best to try to sharpen and smooth the details as much as possible.

#3A This photo is directly to the right of the scene in #3, close to the right edge of the JP2 PSP. Many features of the rock appear to have been sculpted in this photo and also in #3.

#4 Pixel: 3075,4305 Data: 247 Display: 0 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This shows another method of masking. . .possible airbrushing for a mottled or fuzzy effect. Still, it's an interesting scene.

#5 Pixel: 1077,4607 Data: 401 Display: 168 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This too, is a bit fuzzy. But even so, the sand dune worms stand out beautifully. Notice the sharp ridge of their backs? They are definitely NOT sand dunes!!

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This section is mainly for photos that were loaned to me by others and to which I might have made some improvements on each photo. After I return their improved photo to them I will delete the one(s) here since they are not mine to keep. There may be something in their photo that I have noticed and know that they did not see it also, and that is why I have to store it here in this section so that I can access it quickly and easily to send back to them after providing an arrow, circle or square as a reference point for them.
But as I discover good samples of Bobbles and their kids from the JP2 large files (beings on Mars with giant heads), I will permanently place my photos of the Bobbles in this section.
In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of my photos on these webpages.
These 2 photos are the same, but I have circled in red the object in question. It appears to be either a small dust storm or something that is mimicing a hill. The problem is that it is almost transparent in spite of the gray color. Almost like looking through a brown or gray glass bottle. A white strip passes right underneath it and out the other side.
Whatever it is, there are several "Bobbles" behind it, looking on curiously.



I decided to draw a blue circle around this ground material because within the circle, there appears to be a human-like male profile. It is possibly a bit of artwork left there by someone. (or something?) Using my magnifier, I notice that there seems to be disturbances of the soil around the "face". That might be from the Rover's tracks. The ground must be quite hard since I don't detect the usual deep horizontal tracks left by the Rover if, indeed, the Rover Spirit drove on this ground material.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

PSP_001559_1825_RED.JP2 "North Sinus Meridiani Landforms"

#1 Pixel: 1470,2645 Data: 352 Display: 66 Rotation: 6.3 degrees
Many faces and symbols in this whitish material. A lot of it appears to be art work, perhaps done by "Bobbles" (beings with giant heads and tiny bodies that I am still searching for on higher elevations so that they can be seen better in the photos). Some things about these faces on Martian ground; so many of these faces meld with or into other faces. Some of them stand out and almost appear 3-dimensional rather than flat. There are all kinds of facial features with all kinds of facial expressions. It's as though all living beings that ever lived and died in the Universe are represented here on Mars. Mars is a strange planet, so similar to our Earth, and yet so differently fascinating and wonderful. . .even scary. Scary because it is the "unknown country" and we already know that to go there without preparation is to die. But there is something else. . . .a certain beauty, yes. . .and yet, an odd feeling comes over you that there is something evil there, as though we humans should stay away.
The faces change. . . .1 minute you are staring at 1 object/face, then you look away for a second, and when your gaze returns to that object, it's gone. It's still there, but when you look at it again, it's part of another face, or many faces. "Where can it be?", you wonder. "Where is it?" is a natural reaction. But there are so many faces that to limit oneself to only 1 or 2 is to miss out on so much more. But, be wary. . . .the faces may be alive.

#2 Pixel: 1857,2994 Data: 357 Display: 67 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
Is that a hunchbacked "golem" on the right middle? There are Bobbles here. This little group appears to be on a plateau.

#3 Pixel: 5375,2279 Data: 207 Display: 14 Rotation: 6.7 degrees At about the exact middle of the photo there is what appears to be a male humanoids head and face. There also appears to be a lizard-like critter looking down at the head, as well as a mouse-like critter that has a gelatinous body. In back of and far below the humanoid head, there are Bobbles and possibly other beings.

#3A Pixel: 5375,2299 Data: 298 Display: 46 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This is a closeup of the male humanoid-looking object. It shows teeth and its lips are in a grimace. One can see that the gelatinous mouse is looking hungrily at the head.

#3B Same as 3A, but from a distance. The "head" of this creature is toward the upper right corner. Behind him/it, there are Bobbles down below. There appears to be some type of lizard-like critter in front of "him". It is hard to say whether or not this whitish rock has fallen on this humanoid-like head or it is someone trying to climb out of the area below. There are some sand-dune worms crawling on that rock. Come to think of it, that lizard-like object may not be a lizard, it might be a hand. Try to find the "bear's head". It is part of the rock and is at the middle top of the photo. Hint: its nose is that little black triangle.

#3C Pixel: 5792,3097 Data: 314 Display: 52 Rotation: 338.3 degrees I thought this photo is absolutely amazing. In the upper middle part there is a figure that resembles an Army officer, perhaps on a reconnaissance mission? However, right next to this figure, on its left there is also a demon-like figure. I do hope that they are just a trick of the light. There are also a lot of things to see in the rock in the foreground.

Here is #3C again, but slightly darker.

#4 Pixel: 13171,1497 Data: 320 Display: 54 Rotation: 73.7 degrees Some grotesque faces and symbols.

#4A Same as #4, but magnified.

#5 Pixel: 14558,1187 Data: 313 Display: 52 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Is that Scooby-doo, the cartoon dog, in the middle?

#5A Same as #5, but magnified. Looks a lot like Scooby-doo. . . .but for the symbols on "him".

#6 Pixel: 16426,854 Data: 273 Display: 37 Rotation: 6.7 degrees A snake's head (red circle) and body (red arrow).

#6A Pixel: Same as #6, but not magnified to the above coordinates. You can still see the snake's head and body.

#7 Pixel: 3800,3957 Data: 390 Display: 76 Rotation: -58.4 degrees Look at all the faces. Absolutely beautiful. Could this be another sample of Bobble artwork?

#8 Pixel: 5837,5116 Data: 379 Display: 196 Rotation: 6.7 degrees This certainly resembles a snake pit. . . .king sized.

#8A Pixel: 5927,5447 Data: 301 Display: 130 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Another view of the "snake pit" with surrounding areas from farther away.

#9 Pixel: 20964,6118 Data: 595 Display: 255 Rotation: 6.7 dgrees This didn't come out very well, but it appears to be a statue of a female humanoid holding a little humanoid baby girl. They both would have light-colored hair (if it was real hair). You can see the little girl's legs also. Below the little "girl" there is a profile of a male humanoid, wearing a helmet. This formation is surrounded by grotesque faces in the darker areas.

#10 Pixel: 8366,7731 Data: 303 Display: 109 Rotation: 6.7 degrees More faces and artwork. There are also some Bobbles. The intricate details of each figure looks as though it is really made of mosaic tiles.

#10A Same as #10 but with 2 Bobbles circled in red.

#11 Pixel: 9944,2720 Data: 165 Display: 136 Rotation: 6.7 degrees To me, this is scary. It looks like a scene out of Dante's Inferno. It looks almost like bodies writhing in agony below, middle. This is a pit or deep ravine and it looks like nothing can escape out of it. Things are being consumed in this evil place.

#12 Pixel: 16610,2208 Data: 248 Display: 80 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Mars certainly has some terrible looking areas.

#13 Pixel: 18172,2417 Data: 249 Display: 80 Rotation: 6.7 degrees Another evil looking place on Mars.

#14 Pixel: 4498,4503 Data: 283 Display: 85 Rotation: -84.7 degrees More faces and art, but this area appears older and more worn out than others.

#15 Pixel: 6170,4833 Data: 321 Display: 108 Rotation: 6.7 degrees And yet more art.

#15A Pixel: 5736,4716 Data: 264 Display: 81 Rotation: 5.7 degrees Some Bobbles near the center of this photo.
#16 Pixel: 19846,8262 Data: 259 Display: 254 Rotation: 6.7 degrees
27 February 2008. . .So many of the photos from this JP2 PSP are fuzzy and not as clear as I would like them to be. But the faces in them are distinctive, so it would be terrible to not show them. Many of the faces are nightmarish and may tend to make one think that Mars is an evil place, full of evil creatures. Hellish, even. But I often wonder if it's because our sense of beauty and how we perceive it is due to what we know and what we are used to seeing on our own planet. What we find to be disgusting and/or scary just might be the norm elsewhere in the Universe.
Faces that we may consider as ugly in these photos may be beautiful to those who live on Mars. The one thing that I find to be the most disturbing is the incredible horror and agony in many of the faces on Mars. But again, what I perceive as horror and agony on Mars just might be peace and contentedness to the giant-headed beings (Bobbles) and possibly others who live on that planet.

#16A Pixel: 20216, 8121 Data: 404 Display: 100 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#16B Pixel: 19587,8236 Data: 357 Display: 88 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#16C Pixel: 19820,7932 Data: 306 Display: 76 Rotation: 6.7 degr.

#16D Pixel: 19804,7784 Data: 362 Display: 90 Rotation: 6.7 degr.

#16E Pixel: 19510,7765 Data: 338 Display: 84 Rotation: 6.7 degr.
#17 Pixel: 17197,8385 Data: 184 Display: 4 Rotation: 6.7 degr. This resembles a freshly dug gravesite, or maybe a sinkhole.

#17A Same as #17
#18 Pixel: 5529,18657 Data: 495 Display: 123 Rotation: 6.7 degrees

#19 Pixel: 7519,18958 Data: 515 Display: 128 Rotation: 6.7
#20 Pixel: 23191,3457 Data: 358 Display: 89 Rotation: 6.7 Live "Bobbles"

#20A Same as #20, but with red dots to indicate location of Bobbles.

#20B Same scene, but from a higher elevation to show surrounding area.