Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Navy Hymn

I found this on Wikipedia and I was happy to read that 2 additions had been written for our astronauts. . . . .


Lyrics by Reverend William Whiting and Music by Reverend John B. Dyke

Eternal Father, strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep,
Its own appointed limits keep.

Oh hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea! Amen.

Eternal Father, lend Thy grace To
those with wings who fly thro' space,
Thro wind and storm, thro' sun and rain,
Oh bring them safely home again.

Oh Father, hear an humble prayer,
For those in peril in the air! Amen.

Oh Trinity of love and pow'r,
Our brethren shield in danger's hour,
From rock and tempest, fire and foe,
Protect them where so e'er they go.

Thus evermore shall rise to Thee
Glad hymns of praise from land and sea! Amen.

Almighty ruler of the all
Whose power extends to great and small,
Who guides the stars with steadfast law,
Whose least creation fills with awe—
Oh grant Thy mercy and Thy grace
To those who venture into space.
— Robert A. Heinlein (1947) as part of his short story "Ordeal in Space".

Eternal Father, King of Birth,
Who didst create the Heaven and Earth,
And bid the planets and the Sun
Their own appointed orbits run;
O hear us when we seek Thy grace
For those who soar through outer space.
— J. E. Volonte (1961)

Monday, October 29, 2007

MOC2-1619b photos from Mars Global Surveyor

All original MOC2 photos from the now lost Mars Global Surveyor are credited to NASA, JPL, MSSS and whomever else had been involved legally. Cropped photos credited to me and my webpage. Please include my name and URL when copying and sharing. Thanks

Hope for Water on Mars Dims with Sharp New Images"

I must admit that I was surprised when I read this article by Jeanna Bryner on the Space.com website, but only because I've known all along that the possible flow of water down the slope of an 'unnamed crater in the Centauri Montes region as described in the MSSS website may not have happened, as it was alluded to that it may have, by Dr. M. Malin of MSSS. In fact, that's why I became so involved in looking for Mars anomalies in the first place. I believe that one of the "bright deposits" that Dr. Alfred McEwen, a Planetary Geologist working at the University of Arizona, Tucson, was referring to is the one in the MOC2-1619 series of photos that I downloaded from MSSS. The day I looked at the MOC2 photos concerning the deposits, I happened to have my Windows magnifier set on 2 and when I looked at the magnified image of the whitish formation on the slope of the crater, I knew that it wasn't water that caused that formation or bright deposit. What I saw magnified was an elongated whitish formation that was really 2 figures that were climbing up the slope of the crater. One figure was higher than the other, similar to 2 people climbing up a steep hill or mountain where one is always the leader. After further magnification I saw that the one above showed several leg-like appendages coming out of its body. The face is showing a bit as it's partially turned and it has eyes and a mouth, but no evidence of a nose. The lower figure also appears insect-like with 2 eyes and a mouth in a grimace, looking upwards as though it has seen the now-lost Mars Global Surveyor. It appears to have wings. After I copied all the MOC2-1619 photos to my computer, I decided to make printouts. I magnified one of the series and then made a printout on photographic paper. I found that I had magnified it a bit too much and the pixels were showing, but at least it was a lot closer. So that the 2 figures would show up better, I colored the surrounding area all around the figures in red ink. I thought that it would make the figures stand out better. But today, as I looked at those photos again I remembered that giant insect in photo #17 that appears to be feeding on the humanoid's head in the ground on Mars. That's in the exhumed crater in Meridiani. I wonder if there is a relation between these giant insects and the one in #17. None of them have noses, just eyes and a mouth. What appears as a split in the main part of the white formation near the bottom of the crater is actually the long wing shapes.
Due to the shortcomings of the MOC2 camera aboard the MGS as far as clearer and closer shots I am not able to produce here the best possible photo of the 2 insect-like beings. But I feel it's important for people to see this anyway.

I felt it would be best to try to mask the background "noise" but the color somehow is more pink than my original red. The general outline of the 2 figures is alright, in spite of the enlarged pixels. The 2 figures are see-through but I don't think they are ghosts. The wings on the bottom figure can be seen slightly and may hang down further. The bottom figure's head begins where the top figure's "feet" ends. Notice the grimace on the face of the figure on the bottom. These may be related to the "insect" in the PSP photo #17 in the previous section. I am unable to improve the clarity.

At first I thought these may be aliens whose ship crash-landed at the bottom of this crater, but now I think they are indigenous to Mars. I'm certain that the original photo from which this was taken is the photo (or one of them) that Dr. Alfred McEwen and Dr. Christensen are talking about in the Space.com article.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PSP_001374_1805_RED.JP2 "Layering in Exhumed Crater at Meridiani"

Note: Some of the content of these photos of areas on Mars may be disturbing to some people. Many will not believe what is in them according to their personal beliefs and learned prejudices. Please keep an open mind and don't shut something out because it disagrees with your personal viewpoint. Please also keep in mind that the original JP2 photos were done from a distance of many miles from any Martian surface and that these photos presented here are merely the product of what the cameras on the Mars orbiters and/or landers have acquired. I am still in the process of viewing this JP2 and others and I hope to find more good photos to add to this and other PSP sections. Please return here often. Jeanie
Note: I have never believed in ghosts before, even Earth-bound ones. But now after seeing what I've seen in these photos, I have a very uneasy feeling. Skeptics might say it's just my imagination going into overdrive and there's no such thing as ghosts. But, I'm not so sure anymore. Every culture on Earth has its own ghost tales and, of course, our Creator is the Great Spirit. I don't understand much of what I'm seeing in these photos, but the evidence is right there, kind of "in your face". I am only reporting on my own observations of these areas of Mars.
What I've discovered in these Mars photos makes me pause and take an accounting of my life and deeds. There are, perhaps, millions or billions of faces drawn into the rocks on Mars. Almost every area of the rocky ground and on the walls of cliffs and mountains are covered with faces. What disturbs me is that each face, be it human-like, humanoid, animal or monstrous faces, all have symbols put on each face, as though a curse had been placed on them. It's a scary thought, but each of these faces may be a soul of a being that lived, sinned and died and its soul was placed on these surfaces for later destruction and suffering.

And several other things have bothered me since I read the "Book of Enoch" this year. Enoch was the great-grandfather of Noah of the Ark and the seventh in a line from Adam and Eve. This book was excluded from the Christian Bible and tells about the "fallen angels" aka "The Watchers",who were banished from Heaven because of their relations with human women and begetting monsters. These monsters warred against mankind and each other and were destroyed. But what if they weren't all destroyed and were sent somewhere else?? I need to seriously think about all the possibilities in connection with these Mars PSP photos.
Many Jewish rabbis are skeptical of the Book of Genesis and consider it to be allegorical. But what if Genesis was stolen (or borrowed) from another religion, much more ancient? I suppose I must consider all of this as a great hypothesis, until I have more information.
Many people believe that the answer lies in the Mesopotamia region, Egypt, and the excavations of Mesoamerica in Mexico and Central America. They believe that there has been a connection, in the past, between the indigenous beings on Mars and the peoples of these areas on Earth. There is always a possibility that at one time there actually was this connection between our ancestors and alien astronauts. I have no proof of that, only conjecture and the photos I present on this website. Giant monsters, ghosts, giant worms, Martian animals. . .they're all here.
All of the photos are true representations of the originals and only the Contrast, Lighting and Sharpening of details have been used to bring out as many details as is possible.
I am certain that all of the JPEG2000 PSP
large file photos show at least several giant headed beings with huge heads in each PSP photo. These living beings also have small bodies and long legs. There are many of the largest headed "people", but there are also smaller versions of themselves. One has to wonder how are they able to hold their heads aloft with such a small frame to provide support. Perhaps their heads do not weigh as much on Mars as they would on Earth. I am searching for more precise and clear photos of these giants with huge heads. I have seen them also in the JP2 "Bouncing Boulders", but not clearly enough because of all the smoke from the hot lava in that photo.
#1A Pixel: 20664,5769 Rotation: -90.0 degrees Ghosts flying over the spotted sand dunes which I believe are really "worms" or plants.
#2 Pixel, Data and Display numbers unknown.
This photo was too blurry to be included originally. But today, 11/27/2007, I decided to include it in this section after all after attempting to sharpen the details as much as possible. It obviously didn't help as much as I had hoped it would. At about the middle of the photo there is a cutout in the white rock. Within that cutout there are 4 or 5 Bobbles standing out in front. In back of these Bobbles are about 3 or more humanoids standing up against the wall of the cutout. One has "his" back to the MRO camera and is looking out over the 'parapet', bent over slightly. The 3 humanoids appear to be wearing something resembling hazmat suits and helmets. Their faces are not showing like the Bobbles' and their heads are probably normal- sized in proportion to their bodies. This cutout in the rock could be a lookout point.
I do wish that this whole JP2 PSP could be shot all over again. . .without the blurriness. One must remember also that these and all the other photos were taken in the space of a fraction of a minute or so for each frame, and what took place in these areas of Mars before AND after these photos were taken will never be known to us. It would be nice if NASA and associates could use videos in the future on Mars to detect and record the higher life forms that live there. A handheld magnifying glass is essential for this photo.
#2A This is the same photo as #2 except that the humanoid figures are encircled in red. The humanoids, dressed in protective clothing and helmets are standing behind a group of "Bobbles". The 2 or 3 on the left (one is leaning over the back of the short wall with his back turned) appear to have helmets on similar to Haz-Mat helmets, while the others appear to have helmets similar to NASA astronaut's helmets. The 2 helmets to the right have dark visors. It also appears that at least 2 humanoids are SITTING on some type of chair built for more than 1 person. The legs are dangling, 1 set of legs toward the right and 1 set of legs toward the left. Hopefully, the University of Arizona HiRise people may be able to clarify this and all the other PSP photos. NOTE: 12/24/2007 I have discovered while viewing the more recent HiRise photos at their website that this PSP (and possibly others) has been resurrected from when it was originally displayed in the earlier part of 2007 and still retains the same PSP number as the first older one that is in the website. I now have in my possession the original on CD and the more recent one on DVD. I am in the process of viewing the more recent one to compare one with the other and will post my findings here. I will also acquire the Pixel, Data and Displays numbers for this photo.

#4 PSP_001374_1805copy4fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 15666,4984 Data: 159 Display: 157 In this .jpg photo there appears to be 2 ghostly birds' heads floating above the rocks below that can be seen fairly clearly. Their ghostly bodies are slightly less clear and have a misty aura surrounding them. Just below these ghosts but not in this photo are the the white symbols on the wall of a cliff that is also shown in Copy 2 which is not included in this section because it's blurred. Notice also the symbols or writings on the cliff wall near the birds' heads. If you look at the full version of this PSP, move to adjacent areas and you will find many more ghosts hovering above the ground. It is easy enough to differentiate between the ghosts on Mars and the white rocky surface of the ground and on mountains. The ghosts are see-through and leave a trail of wispy material in long tendrils or contrails. Critters are better seen on higher elevations.

#6 PSP_001374_1805copy6fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 22114,6216 --------- Baby lion ghost floating.

PSP_001374_1805copy7fromJP2.jpg#7 PSP_001374_1805copy7fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 15078,5283 Data:145 Display: 157 This photo shows what appears to be cave-like "dwellings" with an overhang. In front of this structure are beings with giant heads and varied looking faces. Their bodies are smaller and they have long legs. Some of them may be sitting and when they sit, they appear to have their heads sitting upright on the ground. Better closeup was impossible without pixels showing, so please use a good handheld magnifying glass. There are beings like these in other areas also.

#10 PSP_001374_1805copy10fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 21353,6337 Data: 123 Display: 89 More ghosts? One looks like a cat in a wedding dress. Or it could be a girl who looks like a cat. I've been thinking about those huge plant-like objects that seem to be growing up from the ground. They're quite polific. I don't think they are sand dunes since there is little or no evidence of sand in between many of this type. They seem to have roots and, in some areas, they have young ones. If these are plants, I wonder what they feed on. If they are animals, I also wonder what their main source of nourishment would be. Notice the shape of the doorways to the "dwellings".
#11A PSP_001374_1805copy11AfromJP2.jpg Pixel: 21509,6664 Data: 94 Display: 94 This photo replaces a lighter one. A topographic photo of this large area. Note what appears to be clouds are ghosts. There is, as yet, no evidence of rainfall in this and adjacent areas that I know of in this crater.
NOTE: Copies 11/A-11D are at high elevations and one can see the ghosts flying at this and all other elevations. Also to be seen but in other photos are giant headed beings with, it seems, not much of a body but with long legs. That their heads are huge is an understatement. It's best to use a magnifying glass to see them best from afar. Look closely in the front of caves, alcoves, slopes and veranda-like structures where they may congregate. In at least one photo there are large groups of them in a line as though at a lookout point. Some are grotesque and some are almost nice looking. The remind me of bobble-heads and so I've been referring to them lately as "bobbles". Is that racist?

#11B PSP_001374_1805copy11BfromJP2.jpg Pixel: 20037,6644 Data: 95 Display: 95

#11C PSP_001374_1805copy11CfromJP2.jpg Pixel: 18469,6672 Data: 97 Display: 97
Look closely and you can see a Bobble with a giant head in the "doorway" at the mesa on the left. There is a horizontal line at the top and the bottom of the doorway.

PSP_001374_1805copy11DfromJP2.jpg Note: I forgot to add the two zeros in front of the 1374 in this PSP number uploaded from my computer. Please adjust if downloading this photo.
#11D PSP_001374_1805copy11DfromJP2.jpg Pixel: 10841,6828 Data: 69 Display: 69 A topographic map of this area along with a myriad of ghosts flying about. These ghosts are not to be confused with the natural occurring white rocky material that many valley floors and mesas are made of. Most of the rocky valley floors in these PSP photos are cracked, not smooth. In many of the floors there are symbols written.

#12 PSP_001374_1805copy12fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 11268,6740 Data: 153 Display: 153 There are more of the giant head critters and, strange to say, there appears to be a male humanoid without the hazmat type suit and helmet. He is standing on a slight incline with a giant head right behind him. He seems much too large to be human and he seems to be pointing something at someone or something. He has no apparent breathing apparatus, so he is definitely not human. This one is really interesting!! Try to find the giant frog on the left side of the photo. It seems to have one of the giant headed people whom I call "Bobbles" in its mouth. Either that or the frog is sitting on "him". Above the giant frog there is a ledge. On this ledge there is a big bench where there are several "Bobbles" sitting in a row. The first "Bobble" on the bench appears to be female and is holding an angry looking cat-like critter on "her" lap. Look carefully and you should be able to see some of their legs, especially the first Bobble's. If you look up in the 'gallery' above you should see several square shaped structures like doorways with right angles. Inside these structures are more Bobbles.

PSP_001374_1805copy12AfromJP2.jpg#12A PSP_001374_1805copy12AfromJP2.jpg Pixel: 11268,6740 Data: 153 Display: 153 This photo is about the same as #12 above except that I've darkened it a bit so that everything might stand out better. You should be able to see the giant frog with the Bobble in its wide-open mouth a bit more clearly. A good magnifying glass is essential.

#17 PSP_001374_1805copy17fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 17045,7566 Data: 132 Display: 132 I was tilting my head to the right while searching this photo. I see what appears, to me, as part of a female face (waypoint 4) over the face and head of a human-like male. The female face shows a closed eye with thick lashes and her eyebrows are knitted, as though in deep sorrow. The male type face below (waypoint 3) seems as in great shock and suffering with a realization of something terrible. He has a symbol on his right eye and another symbol on his mouth. These 2 faces are on the ground with other symbols in adjacent areas. I don't know the significance of this scene, but even though these are not living beings, I still feel a sense of sympathy, as though they were Romeo and Juliet.
I have noticed in this PSP and many other faces with symbols on them. I wonder about the significance of the symbols. They are repetitious, the same symbols occurring in too many areas to be accidental or caused by nature.
NOTE: After looking this photo over a few more times, I noticed an odd thing. The partial face of a female isn't what it seems. The reason why there is no mouth or nose is because the mouth is covering the top of the "male" face who looks so pained. I also noticed insect-like legs extended near the female lookalike. Its mouth seems to be eating the head of the male. The "half-face" of this "insect" has a long neck leading to the thorax and has, possibly, 6 to 8 legs. Below is a darker version and at a higher elevation.

PSP_001374_1805copy17AfromJP2.jpg#17A Same photo as #17 but made a bit darker using the auto DRA feature of the IASViewer. Insect-like legs are more evident.


#18 PSP_001374_1805copy18fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 22789,10377 Data: 77 Display: 77 As soon as I saw this, I knew it had to be a ghost dog or a pretty good representation of one. This area must be in a higher elevation to see the dog so well. It seems to have a symbol on it. There are bird ghosts hovering above it, as though about to swoop down. But I thought, "what would a dog be doing on Mars?". Perhaps the dog had been abducted and taken to Mars as a pet, ran away and died? This is so weird!!

#19 PSP_001374_1805copy19fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 23992,20391 Data: 107 Display: 107 The photo shows male and female faces, only the faces showing in the rocky surface. There is no sign of a platform as in the Cydonia face. His "eyes" are wide open. How does one explain these faces and all the others that are drawn or carved into the white rocky surface on cliffs and on the ground in so many areas of Mars? Human faces, grotesque faces, animal faces. How is this possible?? That "fallen angels" story is haunting me. I hope there is a reasonable explanation.

#20 PSP_001374_1805copy20fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 21080,19345 Data: 92 Display: 92 Rotation: -51.9 degrees This appears to be a male ghost with a distinctive headress resting on his head. His legs and boots or shoes are evident. He has a large nose and, perhaps, a mustache. There is also a female ghost directly behind him, but she is just a tiny bit faded and wearing a crown or tiara. They are high over the white rocky surface that shows some symbols. I had to turn this scene about 1/4 in order to get a better view. I am not sure about the shadow far below and what is causing it. I wonder about that headress or helmet he is wearing.


#21 PSP_001374_1805copy21fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 23325,14629 Data: 30 Display: 30 I had to zoom in as close as possible for this photo even though the pixels are showing a bit. It is not a clear photo but there is one of the critters with a giant head (Bobble) standing in an alcove at the front of this rock. Look for the face just above the dark area of its "clothing". I am trying to find more of these giant head "people".
It's hard to say, but there may be several others like "him" up on the slope behind him. He seems to be hiding in the rock's alcove. I saw another one of these quite clearly in a rocky, layered field but I failed to note the location and cannot find it now. It was definitely a live being with a huge head.

#22 PSP_001374_1805copy22fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 15793,20146 Data: 171 Display: 171 To me, this photo is nightmarish. I don't know if it's a ghost, a carved sculpture, a Bobble, a beast with many faces. I don't think it's sunlight on the rock. Whatever it is, I'd hate to meet it when out alone. This photo replaces another one exactly like it except that there is more contrast and sharpening in this one. Notice the giant headed Bobble just above this scary critter's head.

#23 PSP_001374_1805copy23fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 15814,20068 Data: 61 Display 61 I scrolled up once, then went in closer once and that's when I noticed a huge headed critter that I call a Bobble since these critters remind me of a bobble head doll. This critter looks male and is right above the same beast? from photo #22. "He" seems to be sitting down because his long mustache is down to the ground. Or maybe those 2 stems are his legs and feet. I hope everyone can see this. You may need a magnifying glass. I've been searching in higher elevations now so that I might find a Bobble that is much closer and clearer, perhaps on a high mesa or mountain top. It seems that they like to wear hats.

#24 PSP_001374_1805copy24fromJP2.jpg Pixel: 14510,11665 Data: 113 Display: 113
This appears to be high atop a mesa with what appears to be a foot path leading up to the top from below in the darker area that follows the roundness of the white rock. The cracks in the white rocky surface of the closer mesa are evident, while the less distinct surface of the ground far below is more blurred. It looks like a procession of humanoids and giant headed "Bobbles" coming up the path and rounding the turn. In the white rock near the bottom of this and the next photo are symbols. In this photo, if you divide the photo into fourths you should be able to see a demarcation line in the first fourth on the left. To the left of this line the clarity is better, but to the right of that line it's a bit more blurry so that the "humanoids" and "Bobbles" are not as clear. I have no proof as yet, but this may have been done deliberately so that the humanoids and bobbles are not too evident. It appears, to me, that several Bobbles on the left are using the cliff they are on as a lookout point. I used my handheld magnifying glass to ascertain all of this. There are intricate looking carvings on the light colored cliff wall where the tall humanoid is standing. This photo replaces a lighter one that was here before. That lighter one didn't show enough detail while this one has more contrast and is sharper.

#24A PSP_001374_1805copy24AfromJP2.jpg The same as the photo above this one, but at a higher elevation. I used the AutoDRA feature to darken this a bit. Those twin dark areas in the foreground may be sand dune fields. . . .OR they could be giant frogs. :)
The procession in the background reminds me of Sherpas traveling footpaths in the Himalayas.

#24B PSP_001374_1805copy24BfromJP2.jpg Pixel: 14480,11665 Data: 165 Display: 200
This is the same as #24 and #24A. I zoomed in as much as possible to show the procession 0f humanoids and Bobbles. Notice the demarcation line on the left. I am wondering if that was put in the original JP2 full version deliberately to make the right side of the photo blurry. There are many faces and symbols drawn on the rocky surfaces.

PSP_001374_1805copy27fromJP2.jpg#27 Pixel: 22493,12910 Data: 201 Display: 191
This is one of my favorites. Some people like wolves, while I prefer lions. That looks like a ghost lion peering into the shadowy area. As with all other ghosts, he is see-through. A few other ghosts floating around. Note that some of the objects that some scientists call "sand dunes" are showing strange patterns. Shouldn't sand dunes be a uniform color, that of whichever color of sand is in the area? This mottling effect, to me, possibly indicates plant life. It's possible that they take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Just a thought!! There appears to be some Bobbles in this photo. Some of them are see-through, so they may be ghost Bobbles. LOL. . .this is so incredible.
#28 Pixel: 15809,13306 Data: 84 Display: 54
In my humble opinion, these carvings are Petroglyphs, as much as those created by humans on Earth. The fact that these and others are on Mars does not, I might add, diminish the fact that the "creators" or artists that created these petroglyphs have been busy at work in providing a HISTORY of their peoples. For humans to disregard or ignore what are shown in this and other photos of these areas of Mars would be a travesty. The way each piece of work abuts tightly to the next shows a great deal of intelligence and forethought. These carvings are slightly reminiscent of Mesoamerican/Olmec and/or ancient Egyptian art, in my opinion. I see humanoid faces as well as what I call "Bobbles", the giant headed people depicted here.

#29 Pixel: 17577,14242 Data: 132 Display: 110 (This photo replaces the lighter version which was too light. The carvings may be more readily seen in this one.)
More petroglyphs carved on layered rock. There are a lot of carved faces, both Bobble and humanoid. There also are several Bobbles in this photo, including many sitting on benches in the bottom left of the photo. Magnifying glass is needed. In my opinion, it would be wise and prudent for America's universities to establish departments for the study of these "petroglyphs" seen in these and many other Mars photos. I think it is imperative to study their language and possibly, in the future, have a working knowledge to facilitate communications with these Martian beings. Diplomatic relations may be in order also. I do wish that Dr. Carl Sagan could be alive for the first contact.
#42 Pixel: 19600,15473 Data: 117 Display: 86 Rotation: unknown
Martian art, Bobble style? These appear to be caricatures of themselves. Some also resemble cartoon characters here and in other photos.

#43 Pixel: 22025,15312 Data: 145 Display: 122 Rotation: -52.2 degrees
One example of symbols that resemble letters and numbers, as well as eyes, etc. that have been incorporated into faces on rocky surfaces. Waypoint23 points to a set of them but there are others in this photo.

#30 Pixel: 17699,14946 Data: 99 Display: 71 Rotation: 147.4 degrees
Some petroglyphs and Bobbles, and a ghost floating by a layered rock wall.
It appears that these Bobbles that are standing on the ledge are writing or drawing on the rock wall. Graffiti artists??
Also, some of them appear to have shorter legs while the others toward the left have long legs. There is one peeking out of a cave opening below.

#31 Pixel: 13562,15599 Data: 69 Display: 36
There are many Bobbles looking down at this scene. There appears to be a stream of water coming out from under that white rocky area towards the rear of the photo. There also seems to be several Bobbles IN the water and enjoying it, IF that is, indeed, water. In the black area on the left side of the photo there seems to be a pool of water, judging by the waterline that appears on the white rocky wall on the left and the white "pebbles" in the water. It could also be a dark shadow. I like the idea of a stream of water in this photo.
#32 Pixel: 9499,18074 Data: 114 Display: 89 Rotation: -85.3 degrees
I'm not quite sure of what to make of this photo. I saw something interesting while viewing the JP2 large file of this PSP and I turned the photo around to the above rotation and saw this. I see Bobbles but I also see a normal looking "young female" on the right side of the photo who seems to be walking to somewhere. She appears to have on a headband, a white blouse or shirt, dark jacket and long pants. She seems to be walking through a crowd of Bobbles. In the background are the white rocky surfaces with few petraglyphs on them, but there are symbols. On the left is a Bobble who resembles the shape of a cucumber. This whole scene appears so whimsical that it's hard to believe that this has taken place on the planet Mars. Scientists have been saying that basically, Mars is a dead planet in that the atmosphere contains little oxygen and nitrogen. Well, if that's the case, then these critters must have an entirely different system than us Earth dwellers and might even die if they were to be transported to Earth due to the oxygen and nitrogen-rich air. I wish somebody could offer me a good explanation of everything on Mars, and not the usual stuff.
#35 Pixel: 21113,19386 Data: 122 Display: 98 Rotation: -87.6 degrees
The left side of this photo is pretty much the same as photo #20 except that #20 is more of a closeup. Somehow, while backtracking over areas in case I had missed something, I came back again to this humanoid ghost and his lady partner on the left. On the first pass I didn't even notice the ghost on the right side of this photo because I was concentrating on the 2 ghosts on the left side. But the second time, I was not as close and I saw that there was a 3rd ghost.
(To be continued on photo #36)
2 January 2008
#35A Same pixels and rotation numbers as #35. This cropped photo is not very good. I think that part of the problem is that the HiRise website people have resurrected PSP_001374_1805_RED.JP2 from where it had been before in the Image Catalog (with the OLDER images at hirise.lpl.arizona.edu/) and someone has done something to that JP2 PSP to smooth out the lines. That must be why my cropped photo above is not as sharp as it should be, ordinarily. I cropped a part of #35 from the newer version to try to show more details on the 2 flying "ghosts". I also had to make an attempt at sharpening the details but I don't think I succeeded very well in this one. The HiRise people did nothing for this PSP as far as improving the fuzziness in other areas of the JP2 PSP. But I now am in possession of the newer version as well as the older one and am very disappointed with the newer one, which this cropped photo came from. But at least the viewer can see that these are some of the living beings that live? on the planet Mars. Right or wrong, it's my guess that if the HiRise people were to be asked why they resurrected this JP2 PSP, changed it a bit and then placed it amongst the more recent photos in the HiRise Image Catalog, they would deny doing any such thing. I just might inquire about it at some point. I might also replace THIS cropped photo of the 2 ghosts with one from the older version that I also have. If I do, I will label it as such.
NOTE the helmet which is being worn by the male "ghost". It is nothing like I have ever seen on Earth. The lady beside him appears to be wearing a crown. Strange to say, but the male ghost appears to have a dark mustache.

#36 Pixel: 21237,19672 Data: 117 Display: 32 Rotation: -87.6 degrees
Then I went further to the right in the JP2 large file and discovered this stone idol with a snake-like head and a broken arm. The piece of the broken right arm is on its lap. Above the idol's snake's head is a ghostly face that seems quite gentle compared to the appearance of the idol. There are a number of ghosts in this photo, a few crowding the area of the head of the idol, but the most striking one appears to be a young female. She is dressed in white and is wearing a large, beautiful headdress on her head. She has a human looking and pretty face as though she was from Earth originally. She appears "to the manor born" but she may be conversing with some Bobbles and ghosts who are in front of her.
#37 Pixel: 21106,19576 Data: 173 Display: 158 Rotation: -87.6 degrees
On the left side of this photo there appears to be some Bobbles stacked on top of each other, much like Totems in the northwest of the United States. That seems to be a normal occurrence with these Bobbles. I've seen many of the largest headed ones carrying their smaller, younger ones on their own head. I suppose these must be their children?

#37A Same Pixel numbers as the previous photos #35, #36 and #37, but as close as possible without the pixels becoming too evident. As you can see, this beautiful female humanoid is a ghost too. The viewer is able to see the background symbols drawn on the rocks through her body and her headdress. Strange to say, but her headdress reminds me a bit of the caps that the ladies in the Netherlands wore in the old days. And somehow, it also resembles the headdress supposedly worn by Cleopatra, if I'm not mistaken.

#37B Same Pixels as above. . . .Directly to the right of the very top of her headdress is another female humanoid ghost who is smiling broadly with her mouth open and teeth showing. She appears to be wearing a headband around her forehead which gives her the appearance of an American Indian princess. I tried to magnify her face much more, but the pixels were too large. Her face is not as clear as the lady in white, but it can be seen well enough.

This photo shows the scene much higher above the lady ghost in white. I had been wondering why the male and female ghosts on the bottom left of the photo appeared to be fleeing from something. He seems to be looking backwards at the big ghost coming over the rocks who appears to be frightfully angry. It's hard to tell if he sees the male and female ghost taking flight or is looking at the lady in white. Perhaps it is he whom the damaged idol represents, although he doesn't appear to be dressed in finery. The idol is carved out of the same layered rock from the mountain, but the doorway on the left may be made of another substance.
Note the black area in this scene behind the big ghost!! There are 2 or more beings who appear to be companions of the big ghost. It's strange, but the big ghost seems to be casting a shadow and the others behind him are also casting shadows. The one on the right is casting a shadow of "his" very prominent nose. Come to think of it, the ghost lady in white is also casting a shadow of her headdress and body. That is very unusual, I think. Perhaps these "ghosts" are not entirely the way we humans perceive ghosts to be. It may be that what we would consider ghosts on Mars happens to be their natural state due to many circumstances and conditions on the planet. But they do have the ability to fly.

#38 Pixel: 20611,19454 Data: 227 Display: 222 Rotation: -87.6 degrees
This photo is directly below the scenes in photos #35, 36, and 37. There appears to be a source of water coming out of that cave-like darker area about the middle of the photo.

#39 Pixel: 20998,19468 Data: 159 Display: 142 Rotation: -87.6 degrees
I cropped this photo a bit further away so that as many of the ghosts could be seen as possible and what may be a source of water and the pool or pond is in the foreground. Symbols on the layered rock walls. LOL. . .these photos could be a geologist/archeologist/spiritualist's dream come true. In my opinion, these photos show the temple of a god. The layered rock is part of a mountain, perhaps. Note the 2 openings in the rock, one above where the 2 ghosts are flying past and one below by the water's edge which appears that water is flowing from the opening. If these ghosts appear to be human or humanoid, then there may be others like them but who are still living.

#39A Pixel: 21446,19800 Data: 117 Display: 75 Rotation: -87.6 degrees
Beyond the top of this photo, the mountain that these "ghosts" are on continues upward and slopes gradually backward, then levels off for a bit. It then rises upward once more toward the edge of the JP2 photo where it is cut off. The area where the ghosts are is within a deep alcove in the mountain of layered rock and is obviously a temple for a deity.
#41 Pixel: 23387,17946 Data: 117 Display: 86 This photo shows more faces. There are faces WITHIN faces, and faces on top of other faces as well as side by side. These appear to be carved into the rock and some are a bit intricate, in my opinion. I can see at least 1 Bobble who is seated on top of a face carving with his legs dangling. His nose is large and prominent. He is sitting on top of the fourth face carving from the right, at the bottom of this photo. This area is on the side of a cliff or mountain.
I haven't really seen any evidence that would prove that it is the Bobbles who are actually doing the carving or drawing of these faces and also the symbols. But they do seem to be around these carvings in too many instances.

But, whomever it is or was that carved these faces into the rocks on Mars, they had to have the intelligence and skills to do these things, and also the ability to access so many of these difficult to get to places. I tend to believe that there may be others who are capable of displaying these skills, both mental and physical. I suppose that we have yet to find them, unless they are the "ghosts" whom we see in other photos.


NOTE: I haven't confirmed it yet, but I believe that NASA and associates know about these critters shown in these and other photos, or at least some of them. They may only pretend to be interested in just Martian microbes and not very much in higher Martian life forms. I had wondered why we have to wait until around 2038 A.D. before the first humans go out to Mars and back to Earth. Why will it take some 30- some odd years for this to happen? Is it because the technology isn't sufficient yet to make such a journey and to sustain the astronauts for the number of years it will take? Or maybe the powers-that-be are worried that the well publicized asteroid that may collide with Earth in 2038 and may kill many or all living things necessitates a new Noah's Ark to ferry the best and brightest and the animals 2 by 2 to Mars? In that case, it would be a matter of preserving the human race, wildlife, seeds and seedlings and whatever else is needed to maintain life on another planet.
As I will be a very old lady by that time, I suppose it shouldn't concern me, except for the fact that my children, my grandchildren and their children will be around and I will be concerned about their lives and futures and their generations.
I need a great deal of reassurance and every living being on Earth should have that need also. What are the people in charge doing to preserve our futures and the futures of our loved ones??
Another thing is: is Mars a friendly planet or a deadly planet? I have many theories that I will keep to myself for the time being.
As I find more and more good anomalies, I will add to this website. I am proud of the little I have accomplished here and I thank NASA and associates and the U.S. government for making it all possible. But I don't like to be lied to and I don't like it when they alter the photos from Mars. Are they trying to hide some things from the American public and the world? I think it's clearly an omission of the truth and, as an American citizen and taxpayer, I resent being lied to, no matter what the reason or the method. The U.S. governmental agencies involved must be more forthcoming with the truth about Mars and stop dawdling. We CAN handle it. If they refuse, then shame on them.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

PSP_001385_1985_RED.JP2.jpg "Bouncing Boulders"

All of the photos in this section are from the above designated PSP photo in the JPEG2000 full version derived from the website, HiRISE.LPL.ARIZONA.EDU. The original JP2 photo is credited to NASA, JPL and U. of Arizona. All of the cropped photos of areas of Mars on this website are credited to me, Jeanie


PSP_001385_1985copy1bfrom JP2.jpg

Location: Pixel: 16120,25447 Data: 456 Display: 135
Remarks: The first thing I noticed was the squarish blocks in this area and some of the areas adjacent. But when I magnified it to this level I saw that there is a large grouping of blocks that, to me, resembles an airplane, circa World War II era. There is the representation of an open cockpit, the nosecone, the tail, etc.
It actually looks more like a child's rendition of an airplane body. I thought that maybe this occurred naturally, until I noticed the representations of a fish and some "writings" or "symbols". Those are seen a bit better in the second photo.
Click to enlarge all photos in this website.

Pixel: 15998,25378 Data: 423 Display: 97
Remarks: This is a closeup of the first photo with part of the representation of an airplane. The "fish" and the "symbols" are quite interesting. The fish is depicted pretty accurately, in my opinion. Who or what drew these on the ground??
#2 Pixel: 20729,7685 Data: 424 Display: 42 This PSP in the JP2 full version is extremely smoky. There is also a demarcation line further to the left of the original JP2. There appears to be quite a bit of lava under the surface in this JP2 version. This photo above depicts what may be lava welling up from underground and forming a white hot pool in the foreground. There seems to be several Bobbles observing the scene.

#4 Pixel: 21079,32390 Data: 684 Display: 143 I made this photo and the next 2 darker so that the many humanoid faces in the ground and the cauldron or bowl-shaped object that seems to be full of white hot lava would be more prominent. There appears to be smoke rising from the "cauldron" and moving towards the East in this photo. This area must be elevated because the faces are very clear.

#5 Pixel: 21914,32259 Data: 652 Display: 111 This is a closeup of photo #4 that shows smoke rising from the "cauldron and, quite possibly, from the white hot object in the foreground. To the right in the photo, there is something at ground level that resembles a dragon's head and teeth.

PSP_001385_1985copy6fromJP2.jpg#6 Pixel: 21456,32025 Data: 707 Display: 122 I shall leave this to the viewer to figure it out.
#7 Pixel: 21093,31372 Data: 599 Display: 10 This photo has many Bobbles and a few humanoids, as well as faces in the ground that don't appear to be alive. Directly below this scene is the "cauldron" that seems to be full of white hot lava. (See photos #4 and #5). Notice the cave entrance in the middle of the photo.

#8 Pixel: 24625,32398 Data: 750 Display: 99 Amongst many Bobbles in this photo there appears to be this one humanoid with an arm outstretched. I used my IASViewer magnifier to show the humanoid in as best a closeup as was possible. He seems to be communicating with the Bobble on the left.

#10 Pixel: 22058,30208 Data:572 Display: 65 This is a fairly good closeup of Bobbles in a group setting. Several of them appear to be sitting on the ground. Notice their legs. Towards the back is a Bobble that is out walking. He's a bit blurred, probably because he is in motion when the MRO orbiter camera took the JP2 photo.

#11 Pixel: 19808,25684 Data: 570 Display: 90 I thought this was a spectacular shot. That light is either sunlight on the rock, or else something is exploding out of the rock. This is close to what may be a caldera in photo #12.

#12 Pixel: 22968,24488 Data: 494 Display: 52 This may be a caldera. At the top of the photo, there is a group of Bobbles on a ledge.