Saturday, February 6, 2010



The following photos are from a previous page in this weblog. I had added colorized versions in order to clarify the human-like life forms in the photos and try to emphasize their appearances and to enable viewers of this blog to actually see them better. I removed the colorized photos several months ago to try to improve them. But, due to my inferior photo software, I seem to have been unable to make much of an improvement. So, I am presenting them again here, as they are.

The life forms are in a crater on Mars. I had downloaded the black & white JPEG2000 large file photos from in the year 2007 and published them and many others sometime around March 2008 here on my weblog. Using the IASViewer downloaded from the HiRise website, I was able to find these life forms, as well as many other interesting Martian artifacts, notably what appears to me to be artwork, such as face/head sculptures or carvings done by someone on Mars.

From PSP_001374_1805_RED.JP2

This is just a small part of the photo of the crater in which the life forms and others live. The original PSP only shows half of the whole crater (the left side). I have not seen the right side of it yet.

This layered material is apparently part of an upward sloped wall of a hillside within the large crater. There are several cave-like openings that may tunnel well into the interior. Three of the life forms can be easily seen in this photo. One of the openings appear to contain at least two "statuettes", possibly idols.

This is the black & white version of my original photo of the human-like life forms. There are four semi-transparent beings; two are in front of the cave-like opening in the left top third of the photo.
The male has "his" two arms outstretched towards his right. His right hand appears to be sticking out of a sleeve that is voluminous and hangs downwards. His two legs appear to have a pair of shoes on them and his "feet" appear to be pointing towards his left. He, and the female who is barely discernible but is directly behind him, are in a sitting position. It is hard to figure out if these two are sitting on a rock or ledge or are sitting in mid-air with no physical support. If they are not supported by anything, that could be due to the lesser amount of gravitational pull on Mars, as well as being of a lighter weight. The female appears to be wearing a type of crown on "her" head, while the male in front of her is wearing a very distinctive and unusual helmet on his head. It is definitely a helmet and nothing like I have ever seen before and it could very well be metallic.

In the bottom half of the middle of the photo, there are two female beings, also semi-transparent. The one below in a sitting position is in profile. She appears to be young and is wearing an elaborate headdress that is also semi-transparent. The headdress casts a shadow on the rock in front of and to the left of where she is sitting. A little above the headdress is another female wearing a headband. Below the headband her features show two eyes, nose and mouth which is open in a big smile, showing teeth. Her head casts a shadow on the layered rock wall to her left.
In the following photos that I have colorized, you may be able to discern each figure better than in the black & white. Also, please trace out the many sculptured heads/faces in the layered rock walls of this hillside "grotto".
NOTE:  Due to the semi-transparent quality of their physical bodies and clothing, the carvings or sculptures that are on the layered rock walls can be seen behind these Martian beings almost as though looking through a hazy glass.








These four photos above show the two females. Note the shadow cast by the headdress or cap that the female below is wearing. 
The very intricate face/head carvings or sculptures on the layered rocky walls do not appear to be natural.



This giant appears to be trying to climb over the broken stone idol to visit with the "girls" down below in the "grotto". His face is surrounded by some type of head covering and he may be wearing something to keep him warm. . . .a parka, maybe? Apparently, all of the beings living in this crater are of gigantic proportions, probably due to the lesser amount of gravitational pull. He looks quite ghostly, but I don't think he and the others are ghosts.
Mars is so different from Earth, and yet, similar in many ways. But the life forms I have found on Mars prove to me that the conditions on the planet have molded them in certain ways so as to adapt to those very strange conditions that would kill us quickly without the proper life support equipment and protection. Life is created and evolves under some of the worst. . . .and some of the best of conditions. It all depends on where in the Universe(s) you were born and raised.

7 February 2010
 This area of the hillside where the humanoid life forms live (presumably) is a bit further down from where they are. On the left side of this cropped photo is a cave-like structure. Within the structure there are two heads/faces which I assume were sculpted and possibly represent the images of either two deities, or are memorials to two humanoid life forms who have died.
I was able to zoom into this photo a little bit more to bring the viewer closer to the sculptures (below).

The five photos above are the closest I could zoom into the area. Any closer and the pixels enlarge and the resolution starts to deteriorate even more. I thought this shade of blue would be nice to show off the faces and symbols carved on the rock wall. The male-like sculpture on the left side of the photo looks almost human, in my opinion. But the one on the right is less so. There seems to be some sort of hedgehog-like creature sitting in front of and towards the left side of the male sculpture. It looks like it has sharp quills standing on end and a pointy snout. Also, the sculpture on the right side seems to have something with many, many legs crawling onto the left side of "her" face. It is partially on her face and partially off. If this had been photographed by a camcorder aboard the MRO orbiter, we might have been able to see whether or not it was climbing up or down.
A good magnifier, as usual, is needed to see in more detail. Of course, it could all just be my imagination. But I don't think it is. You will have to decide for yourself as to what YOU see.