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I copied these photos from the original, designated PSP_001916_2220.RED.JP2 "KNOBS AND MOUNDS ON THE NORTHERN PLAINS", from the HiRISE.LPL.ARIZONA.EDU website (courtesy of NASA, JPL and University of Arizona) sometime around May 2007. The original is in the JPEG2000 format and I also have that on CD, as well as many other PSP photos. All of the cropped photos in this webpage were created by me. If copying these photos, please give credit to me and my webpage URL. Thanks.

I use IASViewer, downloaded through the HiRISE website. I've only used the Contrast or Sharpen features on my HP or Adobe photo software that came with my computer to enhance the details a bit because many of the original JPEG2000 photos from HiRISE are sometimes too bright and lack enough contrast to see details more clearly. (I can't afford the expensive Adobe PhotoShop or Elements.) I do suspect that certain photos of Mars have been filterized and altered by one or two government employees (NASA? JPL? U of A?), possibly to prevent or diminish details being noticed that may indicate intelligent life or past life on Mars. I didn't have the foggiest notion as to why they would need to do this, but God and governments do work in strange ways. I now suspect that governments will probably never acknowledge that there is intelligent life on a nearby planet, because that may give credibility to all the sightings of extraterrestrial interplanetary or intergalactic spaceships (UFOs) and the intelligent life guiding them. NASA personnel and some others seem only interested in finding microbial life on Mars in deep underground caverns with some H2O availability. They don't appear to be all that interested in anything bigger than a germ and when confronted with possible evidence of alternative life forms, they act like it's up to the presenter to prove it. How do you prove anything when all we are going by are photos sent back from Mars?
One of the things that I find irritating about the HiRISE folks is their exclusive online pursuit of student and teacher input with much less regard for what lay people like me and other scientists have to offer. They have no program at all that I've heard of or established a department in NASA for Martian anomalies. But if they ever did, would they publish their findings in the popular media??
Now the HiRISE folks are putting up colorized JP2 photos on their website. Don't they realize that colorizing which isn't naturally occurring may cause a lot of anomalous details to go unnoticed?
I was greatly interested in this group of whitish, roundish blobs that are in the lower left corner of the designated PSP photo (see second photo) because, even from a distance, one can see that there are pictures IMPRINTED into the blobs of white material.

NOTE: It's also interesting that this PSP photo, in its entirety, is located due WEST of the Cydonia region where the original "Face on Mars" is located, according to the Map of Mars in the HiRISE website. I found this out quite by accident through clicking on all the dots on the Mars map to see if I already had those JP2's.

On one mound (in the first photo) there appears to be a face of a humanoid. There is only one eye showing, a bulbous nose, and an excessively downturned mouth. I would have deemed this face as accidental and caused by nature had it not been for the nostrils. There is one nostril on each side of the nose, indicating to me that there was a complete face at one time. And certainly, there is a slight indication of another eye on the malformed side. I would suggest that whatever whitish material that came up from the ground to form these mounds, this material again spurted up on the face's right side and covered over that side of the original face. The ground in between the mounds is of a darker material, so lucky for us, the mounds stand out.

In the second photo here, there is a nice grouping of these whitish mounds. Many of the mounds are imprinted with interesting and curious things. (I wonder if there were more mounds beyond the edges of the original photo and I would love to see what's on the other side of the left and right edges.)


PSP_001916_2220copy3fromJP2.jpgIn the third photo, which is also located in PSP_001916_2220.RED.JP2 from HiRISE.LPL.ARIZONA.EDU , this photo is from a small cup-shaped mound in the lower left-hand side of the original. You can see it in the second photo above, adjacent to the animal- skull-like mound. I actually freaked out when I saw this scene. First I saw the lion's face and I thought that it was a fairly accurate presentation until I remembered this is on Mars. Then I noticed that there is what appears to be a naked humanoid in a sitting position near the lion's head. The face is ancient and grizzled with a possible beard and looking a bit towards its left. There are what look like lightning bolts behind "his" head and a 'hand' appears to be on his waist or hip. This is a bit scary for me. I can't imagine what this represents but it's probably not very good!!
In the foreground there appears to be his right "foot" that has an impact hole in it. I also see a "goat's head" to his right at a level with his own head, but I'm not sure where the goat's body is.

#3A Same as #3 above, but I made this a bit darker to make details stand out much better.

PSP_001916_2220copy15fromJP2.jpgIn the fourth photo, copy 15, I added a bit more shading by using the auto DRA button once to bring out the natural lines of the imprint. I had made a printout of this scene some months ago from the JP2, so I scanned the printout after I remembered I have it, and put it on here. You can see a larger version by clicking on the photo.

PSP_001916_2220copy16fromJP2.jpgIn the fifth photo, copy 16, I had a printout of this also, scanned it and put it here. I think it brings out the imprint of the lion's face much better, though I suppose it could use more shading or contrast. I increased the shading on this photo, but it may not be adequate. That's 2 lion's faces I've seen so far in the JP2 version of PSP_001916_2220.RED.JP2
I need a lot of answers to my questions about Mars and everything about it that shows up in the anomalous photos I and so many other people have. NASA needs to be forthcoming and honest or we will have to cut off their funding. LOL

#16A The details of the lion's face may be clearer, but other faces are apparent now in this photo. Perhaps the lion is a ghost and not merely a carving on the wall.

Note: In my opinion, it is best to download the JP2 version onto a CD and then use a bit of Contrast feature for bringing out details, rather than merely viewing the photos on the HiRISE Mars map because the onsite IASViewer doesn't offer enough Zooming in and doesn't offer any Contrast at all that I could see.
Also, when using your downloaded IASViewer, take advantage of the Auto DRA button for Contrast, if you need it, and on the left side of the Viewer window, when you get to an area and zoom distance that you want to return to, make note of the PIXEL numbers, Display numbers and Data numbers so that you can go back to that same spot later on.

Any questions, comments, clean jokes and theories are welcome.

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