Friday, October 12, 2007

PSP_001916_2220.RED.JP2 (Part 3)

PSP_001916_2220copy7fromJP2.jpgCopy 7. above, Pixel: 25419,7594 Data: 534 Display: 151
Remarks: This mound appears to have a humanoid "masculine" profile which is slightly darker in color than the rest of the whitish material of the mound. It's clearly intended (by whom??) to show only half of a face as a profile because the other half of the mound shows no sign of later ejecta that would have ruined the effect.

#7A Same as #7 above, but a bit darker.

PSP_001916_2220copy9fromJP2.jpgCopy 9, above, Pixel: 22504,43605 Data: 148 Display: 20
Remarks: This is from within a small, bowl-like depression that lies on the left side near the darkish channel that runs north-south in the bottom half of the original JP2 version. I passed over this area several times before I noticed the face of a lioness on the wall towards the right side of the JP2 version. Then I used a magnifying glass to examine the black area to the right of the lioness' head and I was greatly surprised. IMHO, the dark area is the clothing of what looks like a humanoid female, face uplifted and arms up in the air as though in supplication (is that the correct word?) and prayer. Either that or she has one hand bound to a ring that appears to have been driven into the wall and she might be held by shackles. It also looks like there is the large head of an idol of some sort behind "her". There also seems to be a humanoid "male" to her left dressed in a long light-colored coat with possible dark fur lining around the neck and down the front of the coat. He is wearing a turban. Hmm, on second thought, the male humanoid may be reaching up to touch the ring. I always wondered where those UFO abductees were taken. :)
OK, this might be an optical illusion on my part. I cannot get a clearer photo. It would be up to NASA, MSSS and U. of Arizona to take that photo over again. Maybe somebody can tell me what this scene is all about??

#9A Same as above, but a bit darker and sharpened. This might be a better version of the photo above, hopefully. There MAY be a third humanoid in this photo who is next to another statue to the right of the 2 figures on the left in this photo. With a magnifying glass I can see that the wall is ornately carved with faces and symbols, as in so many other closeup photos of Mars.

PSP_001916_2220copy10fromJP2.jpgCopy 10, above, Pixel: 24298,39772 Data: 529 Display: 150
Rotation: -92.1 degrees
Remarks: I had to rotate this photo so that the bear's head would be recognizable as such. This mound of whitish material from this angle appears to have the head of a sleeping bear-like animal. The one eye showing is closed, but what is really astonishing to me is what resembles a furry bear or dog's muzzle with a dark colored nose is sticking up and out of the whitish material of the mound. It also appears that there are thread-like worms crawling onto the mound and attacking the "bear". I could be wrong but I think those "worms" are hatching from all those little round things that look like glowing peas. They are everywhere. There must be a good explanation for that hairy-looking muzzle. "Curiouser and curiouser".

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